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On Laura's Reviews:

"I loved Mr. Darcy's Little Sister. The characters were wonderfully developed, and the historical fiction element was also spectacular.  I loved seeing Georgiana's transformation from a teen filled with angst to a  confident young woman who goes after what she wants.  Her feelings of nervousness seemed very real to me and true to life as a teen (at least as I remember it!).  I also loved that Colonel Fitzwilliam's character is fully developed and brought to the center stage.  He is a wonderful character and I loved learning more about his family, and his work with the Prince Regent.  As I read Mr. Darcy's Little Sister, I felt like I was having a wonderful visit with old friends.

I highly recommend Mr. Darcy's Little Sister for all lovers of Jane Austen and/or regency literature.  You will not be disappointed."

On Austenesque Reviews:

"I greatly enjoyed many aspects of this beautiful novel from debut author C. Allyn Pierson. My favorite part was how Georgiana was illustrated; she truly was the heroine of this novel. We got to learn her insecurities and imperfections, witness her terrifying adventures, and see her esteem and regard for a certain gentleman blossom into love and admiration. In addition, I greatly enjoyed the focus Ms. Pierson placed on the Darcy side of the family. I love Colonel Fitzwilliam and was delighted to "meet" his older brother and parents. Of course this did mean we saw less of the Bennet clan, but I didn't mind much as I found Lord and Lady Whitwell exceedingly charming! However, their eldest son, Lord St. George, a dissipated and self-seeking man, made a most detestable villain!

While reading Mr. Darcy' Little Sister I was delighted to discover that Ms. Pierson's writing is reminiscent of both Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. I loved seeing Jane Austen's original characters respectfully portrayed and the new characters Ms. Pierson created are congruous to what one would expect when reading a Jane Austen novel. Furthermore, I took pleasure in observing how — with her vivid descriptions of London society and inclusion of actual historical people such as the Prince Regent and Lord Byron — Ms. Pierson depicted life in the Regency Era as distinctly and meticulously as Georgette Heyer. Perhaps Ms. Pierson is an admirer???"

"Mr. Darcy's Little Sister is a delightful debut novel from C. Allyn Pierson; it was such a pleasure to see Georgiana receive a beautiful and satisfying happy ending that is comparable with Darcy's and Elizabeth's! I highly recommend this novel to readers who would like to see a graceful and adventurous tale about our demure yet resilient Georgiana Darcy. "

On Savvy Verse and Wit:

"Pierson wonderfully sets each scene with detailed imagery of the characters, their dress, and their homes.  Each detail serves to create an atmosphere of regency society, and the expectations of that society on young women."

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